Performance History

Annualized Returns – as of 12/31/2016
1 Year3 Years5 YearsSince Inception
Appleseed Fund (APPLX)9.94%– 0.60%5.80%5.70%
Appleseed Fund (APPIX)10.16%– 0.38%6.04%5.84%
MSCI World Index7.51%3.80%10.41%3.83%

Appleseed Fund has contractually agreed to limit the net expense rate to 1.14% of net assets of Investor shares and 0.95% of net assets of Institutional shares, through January 31, 2018. The gross expense ratio of the Fund’s investor class is 1.41%, and the net expense ratio after contractual fee waivers is 1.24%. The Fund’s ninety day redemption fee is 2.00%. The MSCI World Index is a widely followed, unmanaged group of stocks from 23 international markets and is not available for purchase. The index provides total returns in U.S. dollars with net dividends reinvested. The Index return assumes reinvestment of all distributions and does not reflect the deduction of taxes and fees. Individuals cannot invest directly in the Index. However, an individual can invest in exchange traded funds or other investment vehicles that attempt to track the performance of a benchmark index. All performance data sourced from Morningstar.